Interactive Motion Deblurring Using Light Streaks

Binh-Son Hua and Kok-Lim Low


We propose a single-image, shift-invariant motion deblurring approach where the blur kernel is directly estimated from light streaks in the blurred image. Combining with the sparsity constraint, the blur kernel can be solved quickly and accurately from a user input region containing a light streak. This kernel can then be applied to state-of-the-art single-image motion deblurring methods to restore the sharp image. As our approach does not require verification of the blur kernel against the blurred image, the deblurring can be performed quickly enough for interactive use. For example, our method can be used for interactively revealing scene details in different image regions when the motion blur is not shift-invariant.


[1] Binh-Son Hua and Kok-Lim Low, Interactive Motion Deblurring Using Light Streaks, ICIP 2011. [PDF | MATLAB code]


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